Thanks to Awesomeness

I’m so excited about the new look of the website. It feels awesome, and I’m extremely thankful for things that are free and great.

First of all I would like to thank team wordpress – you guys are really making a dent in the universe. Blogging is a powerful tool and is really shaping the world. I believe that everyone should at least have a blog; if you still don’t have yours, for any reasons, waste no time and go ahead start a free blog on

Next, I would like to thank the awesome team behind the ‘Responsive‘ wordpress theme. I had so much confusion regarding selecting the theme for my site and finally landed up using the Resposive theme. As tablets and cellphones are replacing laptops and pcs, I think responsive web-design is the future. And Responsive theme is simply the best responsive wordpress theme.

It’s amazing that things are free, and I thank everyone who is working to make these things available for us.

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